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Simplifying Sizing – One Algorithm at a Time

Size PPL is the industry-leading AI driven solution for designers, retailers, and consumers worldwide.

Our Mission

According to a recent study, over 85% of online consumers have stated that they have had a bad shopping experience due to inaccurate sizing, while 70% have shared that they decided against making an online purchase because the sizing chart was too complicated. The truth is, the sizing systems throughout the world are convoluted, confusing, and often wildly inaccurate. At Size PPL, we have made it our mission to provide designers and retailers with simple to use, powerful, and tremendously accurate software designed to eliminate sizing frustrations forever.

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Isreal, Size PPL has remained steadfast in our goal to create a high-impact, low-cost solution designed to revolutionize the online shopping experience for consumers and retailers alike. By creating a simple to use, zero-effort AI solution focused solely on computer-based measurements, Size PPL is a digital solution designed to address the multi-billion dollar problem facing the retail fashion and online clothing industry – accurate sizing.

At Size PPL, we understand that aside from the customer service and brand reputation aspect of sizing, the financial implications of inaccurate sizing remain unfathomably high. With up to 70% of all returns and losses being directly attributed to sizing issues, clothing retailers simply cannot afford to ignore this massive gap in their business plan any longer. As the fashion retail industry becomes more saturated, finding an efficient, technology-driven, and cost-effective way to minimize overhead while maximizing customer satisfaction and online reputation is critical. At Size PPL, we offer AI and computer-driven software that is simple to use, consumer-friendly, and mind-blowingly accurate. Beyond eliminating sizing issues, Size PPL also delivers industry insight and consumer data that is critical to making smart business decisions designed to boost profits.

By combining customer service, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, image processing, and decades of industry knowledge, Size PPL is revolutionizing the fashion and retail industry – one measurement at a time.