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A Seamless and Smooth Shopping Experience You’ll Love

Simple, easy, and stress-free ordering – let our system handle all the measuring for you! Size PPL lets your customers sit back, relax, and shop with confidence knowing we’ll get their measurements right.

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Excellent Shopping Experience from Start to Finish

Say goodbye to long questionnaires, complicated size charts, and frustrating check-out technology. Size PPL delivers the world’s most easy-to-use, 100% seamless, and stress-free online clothes shopping experience for everyone. We deliver the most accurate size recommendations with absolutely no input, stress, or information from you.
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Super Accurate AI-Powered Body Measurement Technology

Size PPL is an online clothes retailer unlike any other. Harnessing the power of our patent-pending AI-Powered body measurement technology, Size PPL is able to offer a smooth, easy, effortless shopping experience for our customers, as well as deliver valuable business insights for larger retailers that boost profits, improve products, and maximizes service. Our proprietary Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms make shopping and ordering clothing easy, effective, fun, and affordable.
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Our Advantages

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Data Security You Can Count On – We Guarantee It

At Size PPL, the only thing we are more passionate about than delivering a smooth, stress-free, and seamless online shopping experience for our clients is protecting their invaluable biometric data and information. All information we receive will be protected and private, with all measurements being processed with total anonymity.
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Seamless Integration with All eCommerce Apps

Our powerful, patent-pending API system allows retailers and designers alike to quickly, seamlessly, and instantly implement our technology within your own mobile application.
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